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PhotoTangler 2 Upgrade Eligibility

As you've heard by now, PhotoTangler 2 is now available, offering substantial improvements over the classic version!

If you purchased the desktop version of PhotoTangler through our web site before 27 June 2016, you may be eligible for a free upgrade to the latest release! Please note that the new version does have higher minimum system requirements (OpenGL 3.0+), so please download and try the demo version on your computer before upgrading to version 2.

Furthermore, while you may be eligible for the free upgrade, if you'd like to support continued development of this software, or just wish to say thank you, you're always welcome to voluntarily purchase the new version anyway. We are incredibly grateful for your support, past, present and future! Otherwise, please read on...

To upgrade PhotoTangler, please review the original registration e-mail that was sent to you after purchase, and provide the following:

E-Mail Address: Registration Code (e.g., S8PT- ...):  
Please note that the e-mail address and registration code must match the ones on file from your original purchase. If your e-mail address has changed, or you're having trouble finding the required information, please with as much information about your purchase as possible (such as PayPal transaction number), and we may be able to help track down the order and update your address. Unfortunately, if you do not have any identifiable information about the original purchase, you will not be able to upgrade through this offer.

How Will Upgrades Work in the Future?

As of 27 June 2016, upgrade eligibility for new purchases of the desktop version of PhotoTangler will only include updates released with the same major version number. More specifically, new purchasers (after the aforementioned date) of PhotoTangler 1.x will not be able to use this upgrade tool to acquire version 2.0. And new purchasers of version 2 will be eligible for updates until a hypothetical version 3 is released. For the foreseeable future however, we intend to continue releasing updates in the 2.x series, meaning new purchasers will get those updates for free.

Please note that upgrade eligibility is valid for the core software only. Future add-ons, such as additional image effect packs, may still cost extra.